Please help us figure out your spiritual gifts.
I enjoy studying the Bible and sharing what I've learned with others. *

I tend to see a person's potential, and push them to reach their full spiritual maturity. *

I enjoy helping others to get their work done, and don't need a lot of public recognition. *

When I make a financial contribution, I desire to share in the life and ministry that I am giving to. *

I have specific goals for my future and have set plans to achieve them. *

I am attracted to people who are hurting or in distress. *

I sometimes feel I know exactly what God wants to do at a specific point in time. *

I enjoy presenting truth in a logical, systematic way. *

I love to do personal counseling. *

I tend not to care how small or unpopular a job is. To me it is an act of worship and service. *

I give cheerfully and liberally, often above what is expected. *

I am able to organize ideas, tasks, people, and time effectively. *

I tend to see things as black or white, true or false, or good or evil. *

I enjoy finding answers to questions through in-depth research. *

I don't mind hanging out with all different kinds of people, especially when it helps their feelings. *

I have a strong belief that all I have belongs to God, and I want to take care of what He's given to me. *

I want to help people have the right relationships with one another. *

My basis for what I believe to be true is founded solely on biblical truth. *

I want to help others by giving them specific steps to follow. *

I sense great satisfaction from helping others. *

I desire to make wise purchases and investments in order to provide more resources for the Lord. *

I hate chaos and I will take the lead when things are unorganized. *

I seem to have an extraordinary compassion for those who are in need. *

Sometimes I have a "spiritual hunch" about things or people...and usually I'm right about them. *

I am concerned that the truth be presented in its completed context and am disturbed when scripture is used out of context. *

I enjoy serving people, knowing that I am a blessing to them and the Lord. *

I usually desire to start a new challenge when a previous task is completed. *

I tend to lack firmness with people unless I can see how it will benefit them. *

Please rate your passion level for each ministry team area.

TEAM 1 - Outreach *

(Missions, Events, Food and Clothing Ministry, Community Projects, Marketing...)
TEAM 2 - First Impressions *

(Parking Attendant, Info Central, Golf Carts, Greeter, Usher, Safety/Security, Facilities ...)
TEAM 3 - Shock & Awe *

(Drama, Dance, Lights, Computer, Video Production, Camera, Media...)
TEAM 4 - Worship *

(Praise Team, Band, Choir, Sound, Intercessory Prayer, Sound Tech...)
TEAM 5 - Prayer and Follow-up *

(Guest Central, Altar Prayer, Pastors Breakfast/Growth Track Host, Tour Guide, Ongoing Follow-up...)
TEAM 6a - Kids & Preschool *

(Nurseries, Kids Life Groups, Collide (Kid's Church))
TEAM 6b - Students *

(Middle School, High School)
TEAM 7 - Small Groups *

(Free Market Interest Based Groups, Bible Study, Men's, Women's, Single, Seniors … )
First Name *

Last Name *

Thank You for helping our church improve!
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